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Rainbow Technocast gate, globe, and check valves series conclude both steel forged and cast steel valve plans. Regardless of even if for isolation, manual stream control, or non-return utility, we have an engineered product to satisfy customers’ necessities.

We have joined proposals of high respectability productions, valves affordable prices, and undertaking support administrations makes our gate, globe, and check fields for alluring determination for end clients and designing project workers hoping to combine bundles in this intricate class.


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Gate Globe Check Valves Castings FAQS

What is gate valve Feature & function

A Gate valve is for the most part used to totally close off the liquid stream or, in the completely vacant position, give full stream ready to go. Along these lines, it is utilized either in completely shut or completely open positions. Gate valve comprises a valve body, seat and circle disc, an axle spindle, gland, and a wheel for working the valve.

When will you utilize an Gate valve?

Gate valves are frequently utilized when least pressing force misfortune and a free bore are required. At the point when completely open, a regular gate valve has no hindrance in the flow stream way bringing about an exceptionally low pressing factor misfortune, and this plan makes it conceivable to utilize a pipeline cleaning pig.

What is a gate valve in plumbing?

Gate valves are among the most ordinarily utilized valves in plumbing applications. Gate valves monitor the water flow stream by raising or bringing down an interior gate by utilization of a twist-type handle or handle situated at the highest point of the valve. … They are most usually utilized in applications where the water should be closed off just rarely.

What is best a gate valve or ball valve?

Ball valves are more powerful at shaping a tight seal and have more dependability and life span than comparatively gate valves, however will in general be more costly. They are frequently utilized for shutoff and control applications. Since ball valves can open and close quickly, they are almost certain that gate valves to purpose water hammer.

Does an Gate valve diminish a pressure?

At the point when the gate valves are completely drawn up into the valve, it withdraws totally, permitting the water to move through with no decrease in pressure. Gate valves are constrained by a wheel-molded handle on top of the valve. Such as ball valves, entryway valves ought to just be utilized to open or close the flow progression of liquids.

What is the main parameter & function of packing in a gate valve?

Practically all valves, similar to standard Ball, Globe, Gate, Plug, and Butterfly valves have their fixing get together dependent on the shear force, friction. Consequently, valve bundling should appropriately occur, to forestall harm to the stem and liquid or gas misfortune. At the point when a pressing is too free, the valve will spill.

What number of turns does it take to open a Gate valve?

The method of opening/shutting a gate valve is multiple times the ostensible valve size in addition to 2 or 3 turns of the working nut. For instance, a 6-inch door valve will require 6 x 3 = 18 turns in addition to 2 or 3 turns, for a sum of 20 to 21 turns.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gate valves?

The advantage is that the valve body of the gate valve is the straight-through kind of and the progression flow of the medium doesn’t alter bearing, the liquid resistance of it is little contrasted and different sorts of valves. 2. The fixing execution is superior to that of the shut-off valve.

The disadvantage is that the opening and shutting time span is long. … all the while the end process cycle, the valve’s plate requires to fall into the valve seat. Accordingly, the opening and shutting distance span of the valve plate is wide, prompting long opening and shutting time.

How to know if a gate valve is open or closed?

As the operant pivots the handle counterclockwise, the stem lifts out of the handle, opening the door. A clockwise revolution of the gate proceeding moves the stem once again into the gate valves and shuts the valve. At the point when the stem is done jutting past the handle, the gate valve is shut.


How much does a gate valve cost?

Generally, the price starts at just 360₹ Contact the best gate valve casting manufacturer or supplier for price details.

What kind of valve is a gate valve?

A gate valve is the general type of valve used in any process cycle plant. It is a straight motion valve used to begin or stop the liquid flow stream. In help, these valves are either in a completely open or completely shut position. When the gate valve is completely open, the plate of a gate valve is totally eliminated from the flow stream.

What is the difference between a gate valve and a stopcock ?

A stopcock is a type of valve used to monitor the progression flow of a fluid or gas. Gate Valve is a wedge molded Gate that slides all over pieces such as a locke door on the cancel. An outside stopcock is a type of inline valve that works by pivoting a stop or a fitting inside the chamber to stop the flow progression of water.

Can a globe valve be utilized for isolation?

How does a globe valves working?

The seat of a globe valve is in and corresponding to the pipeline, and the beginning in the seat is stopped with the circle disk. At the point when the handle is twisted, physically or through an actuator, a plate of the disc is brought down or raised through the valve stem. At the point when the disk circle is completely brought down, the liquid stream is closed off.

Are globe valves directional?

The globe valve is utilized for throttling flow stream control. This valve is concluded as a single-directional and should be introduced with the pressing factor side/inlet under the seat.

Why do we utilize globe valves?

Globe valves, purported in view of their outer shape, are broadly utilized in plant channeling. They are reasonable for manual and programmed activity. In contrast to the Gate valve, the globe valve can be utilized for managing flow stream or pressing factors just as complete shutoff of the flow stream.

How do I know if my globe valve is open?

Ball valves are maybe the simplest valve to view if they are open or shut down. If the top handle is corresponding to the valve. It’s open. in like manner, if the handle is opposite to the top, the valve is shut.

What is a check valve used for?

How does the check valve work?

Check valves are handled dependent on the system’s flow stream speed. When the system arrives at the breaking pressure or the base upstream pressing factor required for the valve to work, the circle disc will lift and permit the liquid to go through.

What are the types of check valves?

Most common kinds of Check valves are swing, lift (cylinder and ball), butterfly, stop, shifting circle.

When should check valves be used?

Because of how check valves work, they are generally utilized for one of four distinct reasons in an assortment of uses: To ensure apparatus downstream structure reverse harm. To forestall pollution because of opposite stream. To forestall siphoning.

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